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The effects of deforestation

The planet doesn’t have as many trees as it used too, with heavy deforestation outpacing the rate at which new trees are grown. As the population and needs for wood objects and paper grow, the rate is only going to get higher as things keep growing.

Deforestation is going to happen in our world, it has too because otherwise, the trees would overgrow everything, and we do need clear land and all the resources that trees provide. However, the rate at which we are going through our natural resources is astounding.

So here are the causes, effects, and very real problems that the world is facing because of deforestation and the destruction of our natural resources.

What people cut down trees for?

It’s not all just for wood, but also for agriculture as farmers use slash and burn techniques to cut down trees and then burn them. When animals move into the area, they can overgraze on the grasses and any young trees that also can start to grow.

In addition, logging companies cut down trees for shipment to mills, and while they are environmentally regulated some of them are illegal. These illegal companies also go into unregulated forests and cut down trees, damaging the local ecosystem. In addition, they also cut down more trees to make roads and bridges to make it easier to get to those forests.

Effects of deforestation

The effects on the environment are large and negative, including a loss of habitat for the animals and plants that live there. Many of these species haven’t even been discovered yet, and some of them even have medicinal or other properties that could prove beneficial to the world at large. Before they can be found, however, they are either driven away from their homes or wiped out by deforestation.

Climate change is also an effect, with the wet forest soil and environment drying out once the sun hits them full force, unable to retain the water. With the forest canopy being destroyed, the temperature can also be a major problem and the temperature changes can cause further harm to the local ecosystem.

Without trees to absorb greenhouse gasses, global warming also goes up, causing more suffering to all ecosystems, not just the forests. In addition, less oxygen is produced and the air counties to get thinner and more polluted.

Replanting a greener world

The only solution to deforestation is to plant more trees, but with the amount of time it takes one sapling to grow into a fully mature tree, other solutions are in order. They include limiting clear cutting to keep the local ecosystem intact, as well as cracking down on illegal operations that disregard the environmental rules.

Deforestation is a massive problem for the world, and the only solution is to plant more trees and wait while also working on ways to reduce tree and wood consumption. Without large tracts of forests to keep our planet safe, our Earth could look a lot different in the future.